1404928855Hi! My name is Guadalupe Bryan. I am a middle school English Language Arts teacher in mid-Michigan. On this page, you will learn more about who I am as a person and as a professional educator.

I Believe Statement

Teaching Beliefs

I am concerned with awakening my students to the world around them through reading, writing, and speaking. I believe exposure to different ideas, cultures, and beliefs are important in forming an identity and informed opinions. Ultimately, my goal as an educator is to help students find their voice and how to use that voice to be heard.

Who am I as an educator?

My teaching philosophy is one that depends equally upon teaching and learning. That is to say, not only will I teach my students, but I expect they will teach me. All students are unique and bring their personal experiences, histories, prior knowledge, and cultures into the classroom.

My goal is to create a welcoming community in which students feel comfortable sharing their voice and their unique perspective through dialogue, discussion, and writing. Using all that students are exposed to in an ELA class, ranging from the materials and technology to the experiences and knowledge students share with each other, I strongly believe bridging our classroom community to our larger community is a valuable way to help foster personal growth and empathy.

As an ELA and ESL educator, both content and language objectives are equally valuable to me when examining my success. An aspect of my identity which influences my role as a teacher is my relationship with language–I am a heritage speaker of Spanish. I believe the dichotomy English and Spanish created in my life not only influences me but also allows me to better relate to my students, ESL or not. I think this makes me an equally unique and passionate teacher.

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I  believe students of color deserve to see educators they can identify with, and this is a guiding motivation for me. I always longed to have Latin teachers when I was younger, and I was beyond excited when I finally had Latina professors in college. I know the benefits first hand of identifying with your educator.

Now as a teacher of color, no matter what the school setting may be, I think it is important to raise alternative perspectives, such as my own, in dialogue with my students.

Not only do diverse voices in education help students of color, but having diversity is a benefit for all students! This is something I truly believe in. 

One last interesting tidbit about me is that I have taught abroad in Japan. I taught students of all ages for one year in a suburb of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. I taught students ranging in age from three years old, up to 70. While there, I immersed myself in Japanese language and culture. It was an unforgettable experience, and I cannot wait to go back!

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At the end of the day, I hope for my students two things: First, I hope that my students all develop a passionate curiosity about not only the texts they read but also the English language; Secondly, I expect to foster a strong sense of community within my classroom and through it produce responsible, educated, young citizens.